Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boredom by Class

Im sitting here right now in this class called Matlab. You can really hardly call it a class.  This woman gets up in front of us and rambles for 50 minutes every Tuesday, and Thursday, then every week we have a "lab" due. Our labs are our homework.  We are writing computer programs.  For a computer programmer this stuff would be simple, for us however, not so much, I have talked to tons of people in my class and nobody seems to understand what in the world is going on. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get these labs done, and thankfully my roommate seems to know what he is doing and has gotten me an A on all of my labs that he has helped me with.  I have either an A or a B in this class, so its not a bad grade, but believe me its not without struggle.

Wow, for example we are working on lab7 this week, she just said to the class "im going to take you back to lab 3." LADY!! NOBODY CARES about the past labs we have done, help us with the labs that are due this week and the future. Dang. Really though, I though I was starting to understand what was going on cause like 4 of our labs were just building on each other and was the same senario, no here comes lab5 and im like whaaaaaaaaa!!

You may ask me, why am I not paying attention in class, and why am I blogging in class. Well, my answer to that is, whether I pay attention or not, she teaches nothing that helps us. Im being serious. Ask any of the 80 people in this class, they will tell you the same thing. SHE CANT TEACH.  We literally have to teach ourselves how to do labs that are due every Thursday at 11:59. If I count this week, then there is 4 labs and a final exam remaining, so thats not bad, and if I dont count this week, there is 3 labs and a final exam left. The final exam is going to take me probably all of 25 minutes to take on December 1st, because she doesnt give her final during finals week. She gives it on the last day of class. One of my other teachers (my favorite class) doesnt even have a final, so I actually only have 2 finals. Woo Hoo!!

I have a cal3 test Friday, Ive been meeting with my professor to get some tutoring, and he told me today that "I think your getting this stuff!!" What a relief, its about time I score higher than average on a test. So say a prayer for me, and keep your fingers crossed that I can pull off an exceptional test grade this time.

At 4:30 today I have a SOS teambuilding day. It wasnt mandatory for us, but I thought "hey, ya know I have nothing else to do, so why not go?" Sooooo, I am.

I had the O'Neal Austin Awards Luncheon this past Friday. I was so honored that Trudy wanted me to come and share that time with her!  It was in the McCartney Suite in Shelby Center.  Let me just tell you that suite is pretty, and it has a terrace out on the back that overlooks Jordan and Kingsley Courtyards, and then the South Patio and South Courtyard.  Trudy, Mary Anne, Josh Edwards, and me also got to tour the new Mechanical Engineering building!! It was awesome, I am so excited for that building to get turned over to Auburn, and start having classes in it! I was also one of the first students to be able to go inside the building! The luncheon though. We had an amazing lunch. Ceaser salad, lasagna, pasta, and for dessert lemon cake or turtle cake. Of course, sweet tea, unsweet tea, and water too.  I was so full after that. After I got done with my first plate, Trudy said "go get you some more Austin, there is plenty." I was thinking, "yessssss ma'am, dont mind if I do." After we all ate, there was the recognition and awarding of the top students with the O'neal Austin awards! Then Josh got recognized for being the recipent of the O'Neal Austin scholarship! One day I hope I am able to be one of the students that recieves those awesome awards in Oneils name, or the scholarship. Even if I dont, Im extremely glad I was invited, and I wanna say thank you to Trudy again for letting me come!!

Thats about it for right now, shes close to being done with class, so I have successfully wasted the time that I would be bored otherwise. As always, stay tuned for more. I know I dont write as much as I used to, but I remember that I have a blog now, and that I can write on it, so hopefully soon ill get back to everynight.  Ill have pictures soon I promise, theres alot to show you all. Soooo yea, everyone have a great day, anddddd thats all!

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