Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jersey Shore Season Finale'

Im backkkkkk.....again.

Well what to say this time.

So, I made SOS Callouts!! I am officially an SOS OL for 2012-2013, and might I add, pretty dang happy about it! In case you didnt know that stands for Successfully Orienting Students Orientation Leader!  I was one of the OL's chosen out of about 60 people. I was pretty excited. At callouts I was the second person called! At first I heard "from _____, Ashante Smith." Next, was what made me so excited! "From Muscle Shoals, AL. Austin Lansdell!!"  It was a pretty great feeling. After all of us were called out, we went to the front of Cater Hall and took a group picture.  After a that we went up to the top of Haley Center, also called the Eagles Nest and had our first meeting!! We did a intro of ourselves. The usual, name, from, major, class, and then favorite tv show. My favorite tv show was obviously Jersey Shore and The Disney Channel. Believe it or not im not the only 20 year old kid at heart in Auburn. Cause another guy said Phineas & Ferb as their favorite tv show.  Then we split into halves and we did alot of get to know you things.  Tuesday I have a "Teambuilding Day" from 4:30-6:00.  It was optional but hey why not! Ill go!

So, Ms. Trudy Craft-Austin, messaged me earlier and asked did I get a invitation to the AU Engineering Luncheon. I didnt, but I was supposed to because she requested I did. So tomorrow, I will be attending a luncheon! It should be pretty cool, and im excited about it! I dont have alot to say about it right now, cause it of course hasnt happened yet. I will for sure fill everyone in on it after I go tomorrow!

Ahhhh, October 20. Jerzday. Season Finale' of Jersey Shore Season 4. Im pretty bummed about this. Many people think that this show is stupid, retarded, dumb, but I dont. I love it. Yea, I mean its not like a documentary, or anything and im not learning anything. Come on though, let me enjoy my Jersey Shore. Whats it matter if  said person doesnt like it.  If they dont, then dont watch it. I will say that Mike gets on my nerves, and no, nobody really likes him, he is the next Angelina of the house, but I like the show. SO, to Vinny, Snooki, Jenni, Pauly D, Deena, Sammi, Ron, and Mike, An awesome season in Italy. Cant wait for Season 5 and the spin-off shows, and hopefully more seasons to come after this.

Thats all I got to say right now really. Have a goodnight everybody and turn to MTV and watch Jersey Shore Finale' right now!!

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