Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Go With It....

Your probably wondering what the heck "Just Go With It" means, wellllll it means that I have nothing in specific to write about today, sooooo Im just gonna go with it. 

Let me see what pictures I can find right quick....

Okay, so lets start with Shelby Center, McCartney Terrace, and Wiggins Mechanical Engineering Hall.

This is my part of campus. Literally, its named "Austin Hall...." nahhhh, I wish. It is my part of campus though.  With the exception of Parker Hall, this is where my classes are held this year, and as I progress into the higher courses of my major I will spend most of my time here.  They are actually the newest buildings on campus. Shelby Center is only 3 years old, and the rest of the engineering complex is not yet finished.  The front of Shelby faces Magnolia Street.  And at the back there is McCartney Terrace (not finished or Id show you a picture), and Kingsley Courtyard (5th picture) and a twin courtyard to that on the opposite side named Jordan courtyard.  When McCartney Terrace is finished, this will be an absolute beautiful complex.  Im proud to say this is where my major is.  The first and third pictures are actually the Wiggins Mechanical Engineering Hall.  We are so awesome that we even have copper gutters on our buildings.... beat that!

So remember how I was talking about the different sizes of the amazing Tiger Transit busses?  Well, I though I would take a picture and give you a better visualization of them.

In the front is the largest of the busses, and the back one is the smallest. The one im on while taking this picture is actually the medium sized bus, but its not very much smaller than the large ones actually.

So, in case you didnt awesome.  Im so awesome, that the other day I went grocery shopping.  You havent been grocery shopping if you havent been with me.  Although, its prolly not as fun with people with me.  I royally confuse myself while shopping. I have no rhyme or reason, or no method to it.  I pick random isles and go down them, grab stuff, then when Im finally done.  I look through all the stuff I picked up and weed out about half of it because I realize that I didnt want it for real. It just seemed good at the time.  Thats not actually the awesome part though.  The part that most everybody would find entertaining if they actually could watch me and not be with me is the talking.  I constantly mumble to myself.  Things like "you have got to be kidding me," and "where the heck is that stuff," etc.  I was in good ole Wal*Mart for about an hour and I literally talked to myself the entire time.  Im also awesome enough that one of the managers noticed.  I was standing in line to check out, and all the lines were backed up to the point where you were gonna have to wait 20 minutes to check out. So this random manager lady came up to me and said, "if your ready you can go to the money center and she will check you out!" SCORE! Just me, nobody else was send up there.  Thats what you call winning.

So right now, as I type there is a drumset, a drumset player, and obnixous noise coming from somewhere in the apartment complex.  Now usually I wouldnt mind drumset.  You all know I was on the drumline, and I love percussion.  This has been going on for about an hour though, and its gotten progressive louder over the hour.  It is to the point now where it sounds like we are being bombed....not cool.  To top that off, the people above me seem to have found a way to tap dance on a carpet floor. Cameron and I have even tried yelling through the roof, but still they insist on tap dancing or wrestling or whatever they are doing to sound like my ceiling is about fall in. Austin is about to go ninja mode on somebody.

Hang on I have a text message.

I miss my dogs, Freckles and Buddy.  I miss them so much.  Now I cant bring them down here cause where one goes the other goes, and they have their big backyard back at home.  I would like a dog though for the apartment.  Not just any dog though.  I want a Siberian Huskey....a white one....completely white. I saw one the other day and it was so pretty.

Thats it!  Im not sure of a name yet. I have a wholeeeee long list of them that I will have to narrow down.  Alot deal with snow, and ice, and the artic.  I think thats a fitting name, but we will just have to see!

I got a few more pictures of around campus that Ill show you now.

Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, everywhere.  Ill walk, thanks. If I rode a bike I would take people out left and right.

There is a better picture of The Concourse where my awkward finger isnt in the way of the picture and its actually a stand and snap, not a casual walk by and hope the picture turns out good kinda picture.

Below is a picture of where Mell Hall used to stand.  One day I arrived on campus and it was there,  3 hours later, it wasnt.  I was like, alrighty then, bye bye Mell Hall.

Finally we have Parker Hall. I have Physics I and Calculus III in there.  Not the most attractive building on campus.

I shall be finishing this blog out with two pictures of the best structure on campus....Jordan-Hare Stadium!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lets Take a Ride....Tiger Transit!

And now, we have post 2 of 2 for the night.

Tiger Transit.  I truely believe that this bus system is God's gift to college transportation, I really do.  I read on Facebook today tons and tons of status that had to do with the terrible parking at UNA.  I have delt with that parking before, and it only added to my list of things I despised about UNA.  Now, mind you, I didnt like going to school there, but thats my opinion.  Some people do, it just was not for me in the slightest bit.

Tiger Transit is God sent though.  I walk to the stop at our apartment complex about 30 minutes before class, and one of 3 busses that is on my "College Loop" route, comes within 10 minutes and picks me up to take me to the heart of campus.  It doesnt get much better than that.  Im not wasting any of my gas and better yet, not having to fight for a parking spot 15 minutes before a class that will take 14 minutes to walk to.  Going to campus, our apartments are the 2nd to last stop, so we are literally on Mell Street in Auburn, 10 minutes after getting on the bus. Coming home this means we are 2nd to last stop, but who cares, gives you time to take a nice little ride through Auburn and look around. 

This picture is on the inside of one of the "College Loop" busses, they are all the same type of bus, some a little larger and some a little smaller than others, but generally they are the same. 

I pass the Art Museum everyday on my way to campus. Pretty cool building, actully, and very pretty inside.

Here we are on campus at Katherine Cooper Cater Hall.  If im not mistaken,  Cater Hall used to be the presidents mansion until it was moved to a larger house somewhere else on campus.  Cater now houses undergraduate studies and honors college, I think.

This is the lawn in front of Cater Hall. Its actually a very big lawn, and has this very pretty view of Samford Hall through the trees.

Here is the "backyard" of Cater Hall, also known as The Quad. Right ther where you see the concrete petitions is a little balcony type area that looks into the lower yard of The Quad.  This area is where callouts are held for things such as sports teams, cheerleading, band, etc.  I havent witnessed it yet, but I intend to go to a callout for something one day, if not be in a callout making a team!

This is The Concourse.  For my sake, it will get me from Parker Hall to Shelby Hall in roughly 7-10 minutes.  This walkway literally stretches the heart of campus.

In this first picture we  have me and my awkward self trying to snap a picture of Concourse looking towards Parker Hall.
The second picture is actually construction on them extending Concourse.
Finally, this last picture of this group is the part of The Concourse that branches off the main walkway and takes you to the intersection of Thatch and Mell.

You really never know what your gonna see on The Concourse.  Example on Tuesday, I saw this here banjo man. He was playing some legit down-home honkey-tonk banjo music, he literally made my day.  As well as him, you see skateboarders that are going like 600 mph.  You really want to say "fall" to them, but you know its mean, so you just let them speed on by, then the walkers, and the bikers.  Happy people, sad people, mad people. Students, teachers, and squirrels.  Its just a whole melting pot of different things on The Concourse

The Auburn University Bookstore, where even a pencil will cost you $50.  BUT since its Auburn, its totally worth it!!  This is the main bookstore at Auburn.  This is actually the legit bookstore too.  I know there is Tiger Rags, J&M, and Big Blue, but those are more of just apparel and fan gear.  This bookstore is actually where they sell text books and all the supplies you need for class.

This is a shot of our Student Center.  I dont have much to say about it right now.  Ive only been in there once this semester, and that was to find and take a picture with Aubie.

Even my shadow is happy at auburn.  He is just like me.  He even puts his thumbs up when I do!! Crazy how much alike we are!

As suggested by my wonderful cousin, and assistant to this blog, Jamie Lynn deFoor, next week I will be taking a play by play, hour by hour, account of my life, my classes, and my exploring to share with you all.  In the following days/weeks I will also try to get a more legit "virtual campus tour" for yall to see.  I promise I wont forget the road rage quotes and the people watching either. SOOOOO just keep readin, and keep laughing (hopefully), and come back for more!

College Guy=Gormet Chef?

This will be post 1 of 2 for tonight.

So the past 2 days after I have gotten home from class, I have decided to cook.  Not only does this save money, but it allows me to be creative.  Very creative indeed.  Now, mind you, it may not be best to be creative with food that your gonna eat approx 20 mins later, but since I was the only one eating these meals, I figured what the heck. Nobody else will know if it tastes bad.

Here are 2 of my latest creations....

Lets start with #1.  This dish is composed of 2 fried eggs and one over medium egg, all cooked individually in a mini-skillet that my wonderful Aunt Cheryl sent with me to Auburn.  These 3 eggs were cooked and then placed on a pool of hot sauce on the plate. Next they were topped with a little bit of smoked turkey and sprinkled with some parmesan cheese.  To finish it off, I added 4 fried jalapenos, 2 whole jalapenos, and a bit of salsa.  If you ask me I would say these are what you call gormet eggs.

Now on to #2.  This dish is a little more simple.  First defrost 2 salmon filets and heat up the George Foreman grill.  While the grill was heating up I halved 6 jalapeno peppers and 4 bananna peppers. When the grill was nice and hot,  I placed the banana peppers down then put the filets on top of that.  Now for seasoning.  Just a little big of regular salt, and a bit of Lowery's Seasoned Salt works just fine.  To top all of this off I put the halved jalapeno peppers on top of the filets and closed the grill.  This dish tasted pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Subway....Eat Fresh!

Yes, the first of this here blog will indeed be about Subway.  More specifically this sandwich....

That ladies and gentlemen is a Subway Sandwich. If you couldn't understand that from the title and/or the napkins.  This is the only restaurant/fast food that I eat like its going out of business. Literally.  I have lived in Auburn 10 days....and I have had Subway 5 or 6 times, no that doesnt seem like alot, but its good either way.

Whats the perfect sub you ask? Well your in luck, I would be glad to tell you. 
First off you must ask for a footlong Sweet Onion Teryaki on flatbread, theres your base sandwich, and I might add, the best sandwich they offer.  Next cheese, I mostly get American, but I also choose the occasional Pepper Jack (you will soon learn that I love spicy).  After this entourage is assembled you must have it toasted.  They used to require the toasting of flatbread, but Im almost positive its a choice now because I have been asked everytime I have gone in the past few months.  So, moving on, after this is put together you add your veggies.  The list for these include lettuce, onion, banana peppers, and jalapenos.  Then to finally top off this marvelous sub, you add Sweet Onion Sauce and Chipolte Southwest sauce, and ta-da you have the perfect sub.  Try it sometime, I promise you will love it.

Yes, I am just as baffeled as you that I just typed a whole "report" on a Subway sub.
So moving on now, lets talk about my life in Auburn now.  It was my roommate and good friend Cameron Bonner's birthday this weekend (Friday), so I want to say on here, Happy Birthday Cam!  Cameron, his mom, Regina, Grandma, and I went to Logan's for his birthday dinner.  I had a wing sampler (spicy food yet again).  After this Cameron and I went to good ole' Wally World. Here we had to get ice cream and candles.  Well, we found the ice cream just fine.  The candles on the other hand, not so easy.  Here we are, two 19 year old guys, on the search for candles for a birthday cake.  Finally after about 10 minutes of searching we found them, and went to celebrate with cake and ice cream with the 4 of us, and some of Cameron's friends/some of my new friends. Very enjoyable night.

Moving on now.

Thanks to the amazing Regina Bonner, I now have an amazing Angry Birds t-shirt.  What better t-shirt could fit me?  I am already rockin the posters in my room, and if I could I would paint a scene from Angry Birds on EVERY wall of my apartment.  Im obsessed.

What else, what else....

Here is a few more shots from around campus.
1) The baseball field from the parking deck
2) Jordan-Hare Stadium close up. Which, by the way, seats 87,451 members of my Auburn family
3) Jordan-Hare from the parking deck

I find new and interesting pictures every day, as I journey from class to class.

The first and latter of the 3 pictures above were from before my lab tonight. My 3 hour lab tonight.......(insert blank stare here)
It actually wasnt that bad though, we all had a desktop computer at our lab desk, which I was in control of.  It made me feel like I was the head person/director of some tedious operation in a plant or nuclear system or something sitting in front of the computer.  I also have a very wild imagination too, so maybe it was just me that felt that way.

Finally for tonight, we have Draughon Library, where I will be attending "Study Partners," which in fact is just a fancy name for tutoring.  I dont blame Auburn though.  Tutor kinda sounds like your dumb and somebody is doing your stuff for you.  Study Partners, on the other hand, makes you feel like you, well, have a partner to study with, and not somebody to condone you if you dont understand something.  I will be recieving my assistance in Calculus 3, and possibly Physics 1.  Now dont get me wrong, I love science.  So, why may you ask would I get a Physics "Study Partner?"  Well, I am determined to do GREAT this semester in school, and therefore I will accept all the help I am offered.  My goal in my senior year is the Dean's List.  I made #7 in high school out of 175, so  I think Dean's List is a perfectly feasable goal!

Now, tomorrow,  I will update you all on our living room.  Thanks to my Ma and Daddy, and Regina and Larry, our living room is no longer dull, boring, and unwelcoming.  We now have a very large tv, a tv stand that me and Cameron put together,  a nifty lamp,  a light up Auburn glass thingy, and a centerpiece for our coffee table. 

Until then, I give you this....

Now, I know some people arent really a fan of Jersey Shore, but I on the other hand love it!  Its one of those shows that is so stupid its amazing.  Cameron and I both can be watching it in our rooms with our doors open, and we can both bust out laughing, and we know exactly what each other is watching.  So now, Im extremely ready for Thursd....excuse me, Jersday so we can watch it on our big screen!!! While it blares from all over the apartment.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this little blog, well not so little, but still I hope you enjoyed it all the same. I intend to go people watch in the next few days to inform you all on what I may find.  I also have some quotes from my road rage to share with you all.  So look forward to that, and that wraps this blog up!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Someones got a Hankerin for Sweet Tea

So, this is my tea pitcher, full of my favorite drink ever....sweet tea!

This, on the other hand, is my tea pitcher empty....again.

I think it is safe for me to say that I would go crazy without my sweet tea.  Give me a teapot, 2 tea bags (Tetley or Luzianne prefferably), some water, 2 cups of sugar, and some ice cubes, and you have a gallon of this amazing drink that will last me all of a day if not less.  I always made the tea at home back in Muscle Shoals, but I also had my brother, my dad, occasionally my mom, and occasionally friends drinking it.  Here in the apartment, nobody else wants any.  I promise I havent threatened anybody, they just choose not to drink it.  This empty pitcher predicament has happened 4 the past 2 nights.  Yes, now you believe me, I drink alotttttt of tea, and love every drop.  Its odd though, something about sweet tea and Auburn seems to go together.  To me that is.  Its also nice to pour a cold glass of sweet tea, and kick back and turn the good ole' TV to Phineas and Ferb. Nothing like that after a long day.  So thats it for right now, just a bit of info I thought I would enlighten you on! Im out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time to Explore!!

Thats Jordan-Hare Stadium.  More specifically the 1st and 3rd pictures are Jordan-Hare Upper West section.  Let me just tell you, it took quite a few random turns and roads to find this road.  Should it be that hard to find it?  Prolly not,  but put me Lakken Lashley and Molly Quinn in a car and tell us to find something, its gonna take a while.  Molly was busy yelling "hellooooo pedestrian" at random people from out the back window. Lakken was loudly informing me of the cones and holes and barracades in the road. So here I am laughing, trying to drive at the same time. We found it though, and there it is.

Welcome to the Plains

August 13th-The day nobody thought anybody would really ever get here, well at least I didn't. I had my job at O'Charley's, I was going to the beach, and all the other stuff that I "had" going on.  Welllllll it got here, and it got here quicker than I thought. I was a nervous wreck on the 11th, and the morning of the 12th. Tears shed, nervous shaking, quietness. I was flipping out. I was gonna miss Muscle Shoals. I complain all the time that I hate it there, that its too small, theres nothing to do, but I really dont hate Muscle Shoals. I was born and raised there, it will always be home.  I didnt get to see everybody before I left, and Im sure there are still people that dont know I live in Auburn yet.

That being said, I do live in Auburn, and for those of you who havent seen it/want another look, heres my room....

Ive got more shots, but those are the panoramic shots, and it covers the whole room so that works.  The door beside my desk goes to my bathroom

Then from there we have my walk-in closet!

Thats actually only half my closet, theres another side, but I have to close the door to get to that side. Now, I would put some pictures of our living room/kitchen, buttttt right now the living room is a bit plain. That'll all change tomorrow though thanks to my mom, and Cameron's mom!

I love my room. I have my nice little desk with my ROCKING desk chair. Its literally a rocking chair type thing.  Then im sporting the Angry Birds posters, and Superman of course. Also, the Marvel superoheros and supervillans look out for my desk.  All of my pillows came with me to Auburn, all 9 of them plus Buzz, my beanie baby. Its definantly my room thats for sure, everything fits me.

So thats it for this little post thingy, hope you like the room, and yea...Im out!