Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome Back, Austin....Long time no read.

Hellooooo, everybody.

Well, Im back, for tonight, after ehhhh prolly a month and a half I finally got Upmy butt in gear and decided I should write again.  This blog wont conatin any pictures, due to the lack of me having to transfer them from my phone, sort them in to their respective folders, and upload them. I promise a blog dedicated to pictures in the near future. Probably not tomorrow because I have a Cal3 test Friday, but it will appear in the following days very soon.

So, since I left you last,  Auburn has won all but 1 game, and wouldnt you know that the game was on my birthday weekend.  Yea, it was. My parents, Cameron, his parents, Lakken, Molly, and Quinton were all posted up in my apartment watching the game.  No matter how mad I got, they still lost.  At least I didnt start kicking things and throwing things around like I did during the South Carolina game.  I know, I know, getting mad and yelling/violence doesnt help them win the game, but hey you gotta try your best to help out somehow.

Hmmmm,  well, tomorrow Oct 6th I have my first round interview to be an Orientation Leader for SOS Transfer Orientation.  Yea, Im nervous, but im trying to be confident too.  I really think I would like to be apart of this, so I really do hope that I make it.  Second round interviews and callouts are next week.  Wish me luck!!  Basically an OL is just a tour guide and info giver to transfer students.  Ill have a group of 10-15 transfers that are mine for the day and we will go hide in a corner and make fun of people.  Not really, we prolly will go hide in a corner somewhere and call it our "fort" or something, but ill tell them about the amazing Auburn University,  give them a tour of campus, eat lunch with them, and all that fun stuff.  Im pretty excited, so lets hope I make this!

An update on my sweet tea addiction, yesterday, I drank a whole pitcher, by myself.

Today is Wednesday. It is the first Wednesday of the month.  Well around 11:55 I was minding my own business in the kitchen at home warming up some of the ever so wonderful Granny and PawPaw Chicken Stew.  All of a sudden I hear this wailing noise.  Now for any of you that live in Muscle Shoals, or have ever heard these "federal warning signals" in Muscle Shoals you know of the oscillating whooooooo noise they make. Welllllll not in Auburn.  In Auburn, they are a bit more tamed.  They start off as a low whoooo, then rise to a certain pitch and just stay there and wail.  What am I talking about? Da da daaaaaa....tornado sirens.  So back to the story, im minding my business in the kitchen and i hear this lovely wailing noise, so me being me, instead of going to my closet and hiding, my first instinct is to run outside.  I figure, "hey if by some chance it is a tornado, ill just hang on to my balcony railing for dear life, and if I can ill run back inside." Well, I look around and I see nothing but blue sky, and hear nothing but this hellatious wailing. So my though process goes as follows: "This is either a civil defense siren and we are being bombed, in which case I should prolly go inside and get under my bed with my pillows, seeing as i have 9 pillows, a thick comforter, and a blanket, I should survive.  This could be a blue sky tornado though, in which case I want to stay outside and see what it looks like, but I should prolly do the same thing and go inside, but instead of under my bed I should get in my closet.  My last though was, they could just be testing the sirens.  Its more than likely the latter of the 3 thoughs, but hey.  I have to take all possibilities into consideration."  *end though process*  So this though process happened in a matter of about 5 seconds, after which, I decided to just go climb on my bed and watch tv.  I didnt see any harm in the weather outside or hear any explosions, so I figured I was ok.   About 45 mins later, I hear about 3 different tv weather alerts going off.  Mind you, it is still blue sky clear, not a cloud in sight weather outside.  I got a little curious, but not enough to actually get up and take cover, so I causally looked outside my window, saw nothing, and decided that if I were to hear something, id grab the nearest pillow, and my Beanie Baby, Buzz and make a dive for the floor.  I was thinkin Matrix action here people.  It turns out that I still have no clue what was up.  Actually I just lied, I do know what it was, they were testing everything. This happened in September too.

I have an iTouch.  It is one of my children. Sadly enough at 563 songs, about 25 apps, and 115 pictures its getting close to topping out at its max 8GB storage.  Im not sure what im going to do when that happens.  Hopefully Ill by some off chance happen to find another iTouch that is randomly laying around that says "take me" or maybe I can use my Nano back in Muscle Shoals, in which case I will have to pry out my my Dads hands.....hmmmmm.

I have a Jabawokeez mask now....I scared Cameron with it.  I think thats sufficient enough typing for that.  He jumped, I laughed.

OH, I pretty much killed my Matlab midterm the other day. I mean I went beast mode on that test.  If I was a bear out in the wild and that test was, what do bears eat?  Ok nevermind, if I was a lion in the savannah, and that test was an antelope, I would be knawing, and tearing, and going ham on that test (those of you who dont know what "going ham" means, its a good thing in this situation). I just though it would enlighten you all on this milestone.

I recently went to McDonalds and got a gameboard for Monopoly.  I have 3 of the game board peices.  One of which is half of what you need to win one million dollars.  Now, I know my luck, and I know that ill never score the other game piece needed to win that million dollars, but I like to hope that I could.

Ohhhhh, I feel like I am just rambling now.  I am actually.  So ill stop here, and try to think of more of my entertaining and humorous (I hope) stories and post them for you all later!

I shall now go get a glass of pineapple juice....

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