Friday, August 26, 2011

Just Go With It....

Your probably wondering what the heck "Just Go With It" means, wellllll it means that I have nothing in specific to write about today, sooooo Im just gonna go with it. 

Let me see what pictures I can find right quick....

Okay, so lets start with Shelby Center, McCartney Terrace, and Wiggins Mechanical Engineering Hall.

This is my part of campus. Literally, its named "Austin Hall...." nahhhh, I wish. It is my part of campus though.  With the exception of Parker Hall, this is where my classes are held this year, and as I progress into the higher courses of my major I will spend most of my time here.  They are actually the newest buildings on campus. Shelby Center is only 3 years old, and the rest of the engineering complex is not yet finished.  The front of Shelby faces Magnolia Street.  And at the back there is McCartney Terrace (not finished or Id show you a picture), and Kingsley Courtyard (5th picture) and a twin courtyard to that on the opposite side named Jordan courtyard.  When McCartney Terrace is finished, this will be an absolute beautiful complex.  Im proud to say this is where my major is.  The first and third pictures are actually the Wiggins Mechanical Engineering Hall.  We are so awesome that we even have copper gutters on our buildings.... beat that!

So remember how I was talking about the different sizes of the amazing Tiger Transit busses?  Well, I though I would take a picture and give you a better visualization of them.

In the front is the largest of the busses, and the back one is the smallest. The one im on while taking this picture is actually the medium sized bus, but its not very much smaller than the large ones actually.

So, in case you didnt awesome.  Im so awesome, that the other day I went grocery shopping.  You havent been grocery shopping if you havent been with me.  Although, its prolly not as fun with people with me.  I royally confuse myself while shopping. I have no rhyme or reason, or no method to it.  I pick random isles and go down them, grab stuff, then when Im finally done.  I look through all the stuff I picked up and weed out about half of it because I realize that I didnt want it for real. It just seemed good at the time.  Thats not actually the awesome part though.  The part that most everybody would find entertaining if they actually could watch me and not be with me is the talking.  I constantly mumble to myself.  Things like "you have got to be kidding me," and "where the heck is that stuff," etc.  I was in good ole Wal*Mart for about an hour and I literally talked to myself the entire time.  Im also awesome enough that one of the managers noticed.  I was standing in line to check out, and all the lines were backed up to the point where you were gonna have to wait 20 minutes to check out. So this random manager lady came up to me and said, "if your ready you can go to the money center and she will check you out!" SCORE! Just me, nobody else was send up there.  Thats what you call winning.

So right now, as I type there is a drumset, a drumset player, and obnixous noise coming from somewhere in the apartment complex.  Now usually I wouldnt mind drumset.  You all know I was on the drumline, and I love percussion.  This has been going on for about an hour though, and its gotten progressive louder over the hour.  It is to the point now where it sounds like we are being bombed....not cool.  To top that off, the people above me seem to have found a way to tap dance on a carpet floor. Cameron and I have even tried yelling through the roof, but still they insist on tap dancing or wrestling or whatever they are doing to sound like my ceiling is about fall in. Austin is about to go ninja mode on somebody.

Hang on I have a text message.

I miss my dogs, Freckles and Buddy.  I miss them so much.  Now I cant bring them down here cause where one goes the other goes, and they have their big backyard back at home.  I would like a dog though for the apartment.  Not just any dog though.  I want a Siberian Huskey....a white one....completely white. I saw one the other day and it was so pretty.

Thats it!  Im not sure of a name yet. I have a wholeeeee long list of them that I will have to narrow down.  Alot deal with snow, and ice, and the artic.  I think thats a fitting name, but we will just have to see!

I got a few more pictures of around campus that Ill show you now.

Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles, everywhere.  Ill walk, thanks. If I rode a bike I would take people out left and right.

There is a better picture of The Concourse where my awkward finger isnt in the way of the picture and its actually a stand and snap, not a casual walk by and hope the picture turns out good kinda picture.

Below is a picture of where Mell Hall used to stand.  One day I arrived on campus and it was there,  3 hours later, it wasnt.  I was like, alrighty then, bye bye Mell Hall.

Finally we have Parker Hall. I have Physics I and Calculus III in there.  Not the most attractive building on campus.

I shall be finishing this blog out with two pictures of the best structure on campus....Jordan-Hare Stadium!!

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