Monday, August 22, 2011

Subway....Eat Fresh!

Yes, the first of this here blog will indeed be about Subway.  More specifically this sandwich....

That ladies and gentlemen is a Subway Sandwich. If you couldn't understand that from the title and/or the napkins.  This is the only restaurant/fast food that I eat like its going out of business. Literally.  I have lived in Auburn 10 days....and I have had Subway 5 or 6 times, no that doesnt seem like alot, but its good either way.

Whats the perfect sub you ask? Well your in luck, I would be glad to tell you. 
First off you must ask for a footlong Sweet Onion Teryaki on flatbread, theres your base sandwich, and I might add, the best sandwich they offer.  Next cheese, I mostly get American, but I also choose the occasional Pepper Jack (you will soon learn that I love spicy).  After this entourage is assembled you must have it toasted.  They used to require the toasting of flatbread, but Im almost positive its a choice now because I have been asked everytime I have gone in the past few months.  So, moving on, after this is put together you add your veggies.  The list for these include lettuce, onion, banana peppers, and jalapenos.  Then to finally top off this marvelous sub, you add Sweet Onion Sauce and Chipolte Southwest sauce, and ta-da you have the perfect sub.  Try it sometime, I promise you will love it.

Yes, I am just as baffeled as you that I just typed a whole "report" on a Subway sub.
So moving on now, lets talk about my life in Auburn now.  It was my roommate and good friend Cameron Bonner's birthday this weekend (Friday), so I want to say on here, Happy Birthday Cam!  Cameron, his mom, Regina, Grandma, and I went to Logan's for his birthday dinner.  I had a wing sampler (spicy food yet again).  After this Cameron and I went to good ole' Wally World. Here we had to get ice cream and candles.  Well, we found the ice cream just fine.  The candles on the other hand, not so easy.  Here we are, two 19 year old guys, on the search for candles for a birthday cake.  Finally after about 10 minutes of searching we found them, and went to celebrate with cake and ice cream with the 4 of us, and some of Cameron's friends/some of my new friends. Very enjoyable night.

Moving on now.

Thanks to the amazing Regina Bonner, I now have an amazing Angry Birds t-shirt.  What better t-shirt could fit me?  I am already rockin the posters in my room, and if I could I would paint a scene from Angry Birds on EVERY wall of my apartment.  Im obsessed.

What else, what else....

Here is a few more shots from around campus.
1) The baseball field from the parking deck
2) Jordan-Hare Stadium close up. Which, by the way, seats 87,451 members of my Auburn family
3) Jordan-Hare from the parking deck

I find new and interesting pictures every day, as I journey from class to class.

The first and latter of the 3 pictures above were from before my lab tonight. My 3 hour lab tonight.......(insert blank stare here)
It actually wasnt that bad though, we all had a desktop computer at our lab desk, which I was in control of.  It made me feel like I was the head person/director of some tedious operation in a plant or nuclear system or something sitting in front of the computer.  I also have a very wild imagination too, so maybe it was just me that felt that way.

Finally for tonight, we have Draughon Library, where I will be attending "Study Partners," which in fact is just a fancy name for tutoring.  I dont blame Auburn though.  Tutor kinda sounds like your dumb and somebody is doing your stuff for you.  Study Partners, on the other hand, makes you feel like you, well, have a partner to study with, and not somebody to condone you if you dont understand something.  I will be recieving my assistance in Calculus 3, and possibly Physics 1.  Now dont get me wrong, I love science.  So, why may you ask would I get a Physics "Study Partner?"  Well, I am determined to do GREAT this semester in school, and therefore I will accept all the help I am offered.  My goal in my senior year is the Dean's List.  I made #7 in high school out of 175, so  I think Dean's List is a perfectly feasable goal!

Now, tomorrow,  I will update you all on our living room.  Thanks to my Ma and Daddy, and Regina and Larry, our living room is no longer dull, boring, and unwelcoming.  We now have a very large tv, a tv stand that me and Cameron put together,  a nifty lamp,  a light up Auburn glass thingy, and a centerpiece for our coffee table. 

Until then, I give you this....

Now, I know some people arent really a fan of Jersey Shore, but I on the other hand love it!  Its one of those shows that is so stupid its amazing.  Cameron and I both can be watching it in our rooms with our doors open, and we can both bust out laughing, and we know exactly what each other is watching.  So now, Im extremely ready for Thursd....excuse me, Jersday so we can watch it on our big screen!!! While it blares from all over the apartment.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this little blog, well not so little, but still I hope you enjoyed it all the same. I intend to go people watch in the next few days to inform you all on what I may find.  I also have some quotes from my road rage to share with you all.  So look forward to that, and that wraps this blog up!

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  1. Aus! I love your blog. Really I do! It's so YOU! I am pretty sure I kept that same Subway in business 10 years ago! As you begin to promote your blog, you could do a giveaway to gain more readers. You could start with a subway gift card. I've seen several blogs do it.
    I'm proud of you for accepting help BEFORE you need it. I think it's the key to success.
    Jersday- I think you just coined a new phrase! I'm going to start using it in everyday conversation! Can't wait for the quotes blog. I think you should do a time stamp blog for your everyday life. You'll love to remember later what you did from wake up until bedtime your first semester!