Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lets Take a Ride....Tiger Transit!

And now, we have post 2 of 2 for the night.

Tiger Transit.  I truely believe that this bus system is God's gift to college transportation, I really do.  I read on Facebook today tons and tons of status that had to do with the terrible parking at UNA.  I have delt with that parking before, and it only added to my list of things I despised about UNA.  Now, mind you, I didnt like going to school there, but thats my opinion.  Some people do, it just was not for me in the slightest bit.

Tiger Transit is God sent though.  I walk to the stop at our apartment complex about 30 minutes before class, and one of 3 busses that is on my "College Loop" route, comes within 10 minutes and picks me up to take me to the heart of campus.  It doesnt get much better than that.  Im not wasting any of my gas and better yet, not having to fight for a parking spot 15 minutes before a class that will take 14 minutes to walk to.  Going to campus, our apartments are the 2nd to last stop, so we are literally on Mell Street in Auburn, 10 minutes after getting on the bus. Coming home this means we are 2nd to last stop, but who cares, gives you time to take a nice little ride through Auburn and look around. 

This picture is on the inside of one of the "College Loop" busses, they are all the same type of bus, some a little larger and some a little smaller than others, but generally they are the same. 

I pass the Art Museum everyday on my way to campus. Pretty cool building, actully, and very pretty inside.

Here we are on campus at Katherine Cooper Cater Hall.  If im not mistaken,  Cater Hall used to be the presidents mansion until it was moved to a larger house somewhere else on campus.  Cater now houses undergraduate studies and honors college, I think.

This is the lawn in front of Cater Hall. Its actually a very big lawn, and has this very pretty view of Samford Hall through the trees.

Here is the "backyard" of Cater Hall, also known as The Quad. Right ther where you see the concrete petitions is a little balcony type area that looks into the lower yard of The Quad.  This area is where callouts are held for things such as sports teams, cheerleading, band, etc.  I havent witnessed it yet, but I intend to go to a callout for something one day, if not be in a callout making a team!

This is The Concourse.  For my sake, it will get me from Parker Hall to Shelby Hall in roughly 7-10 minutes.  This walkway literally stretches the heart of campus.

In this first picture we  have me and my awkward self trying to snap a picture of Concourse looking towards Parker Hall.
The second picture is actually construction on them extending Concourse.
Finally, this last picture of this group is the part of The Concourse that branches off the main walkway and takes you to the intersection of Thatch and Mell.

You really never know what your gonna see on The Concourse.  Example on Tuesday, I saw this here banjo man. He was playing some legit down-home honkey-tonk banjo music, he literally made my day.  As well as him, you see skateboarders that are going like 600 mph.  You really want to say "fall" to them, but you know its mean, so you just let them speed on by, then the walkers, and the bikers.  Happy people, sad people, mad people. Students, teachers, and squirrels.  Its just a whole melting pot of different things on The Concourse

The Auburn University Bookstore, where even a pencil will cost you $50.  BUT since its Auburn, its totally worth it!!  This is the main bookstore at Auburn.  This is actually the legit bookstore too.  I know there is Tiger Rags, J&M, and Big Blue, but those are more of just apparel and fan gear.  This bookstore is actually where they sell text books and all the supplies you need for class.

This is a shot of our Student Center.  I dont have much to say about it right now.  Ive only been in there once this semester, and that was to find and take a picture with Aubie.

Even my shadow is happy at auburn.  He is just like me.  He even puts his thumbs up when I do!! Crazy how much alike we are!

As suggested by my wonderful cousin, and assistant to this blog, Jamie Lynn deFoor, next week I will be taking a play by play, hour by hour, account of my life, my classes, and my exploring to share with you all.  In the following days/weeks I will also try to get a more legit "virtual campus tour" for yall to see.  I promise I wont forget the road rage quotes and the people watching either. SOOOOO just keep readin, and keep laughing (hopefully), and come back for more!

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