Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to the Plains

August 13th-The day nobody thought anybody would really ever get here, well at least I didn't. I had my job at O'Charley's, I was going to the beach, and all the other stuff that I "had" going on.  Welllllll it got here, and it got here quicker than I thought. I was a nervous wreck on the 11th, and the morning of the 12th. Tears shed, nervous shaking, quietness. I was flipping out. I was gonna miss Muscle Shoals. I complain all the time that I hate it there, that its too small, theres nothing to do, but I really dont hate Muscle Shoals. I was born and raised there, it will always be home.  I didnt get to see everybody before I left, and Im sure there are still people that dont know I live in Auburn yet.

That being said, I do live in Auburn, and for those of you who havent seen it/want another look, heres my room....

Ive got more shots, but those are the panoramic shots, and it covers the whole room so that works.  The door beside my desk goes to my bathroom

Then from there we have my walk-in closet!

Thats actually only half my closet, theres another side, but I have to close the door to get to that side. Now, I would put some pictures of our living room/kitchen, buttttt right now the living room is a bit plain. That'll all change tomorrow though thanks to my mom, and Cameron's mom!

I love my room. I have my nice little desk with my ROCKING desk chair. Its literally a rocking chair type thing.  Then im sporting the Angry Birds posters, and Superman of course. Also, the Marvel superoheros and supervillans look out for my desk.  All of my pillows came with me to Auburn, all 9 of them plus Buzz, my beanie baby. Its definantly my room thats for sure, everything fits me.

So thats it for this little post thingy, hope you like the room, and yea...Im out!

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